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Cross training in Latvia

January 12, 2010

First of all some good news for my first 2010 post: November incurred arm fracture has healed well and is nearly back to pre-break strength! 🙂

Spent a great New Year’s Eve in the northern Latvian countryside near Valmiera with my brothers in a chalet equipped with all sorts of luxuries, including jacuzzi, sauna, cold pool, pool table and all other modern conveniences. The highlights had to be the extreme sauna session, which involved midnight dashes outside to roll around in the snow in -10°C and a super intensive cross country skiing outing on New Year’s day. Despite being the only sober person ringing in the New Year, I also managed to be the only one to injure myself: Split open the fresh scar on my knee and sprained my recovering wrist, the same spots that had taken the main beating in my mountain bike crash! Both are activities I definitely look forward to repeating in the future! I refer to the extreme sauna and cross country skiing of course, not the injuries!!! 😉

Extreme Sauna