This is a cycling blog about various adventures I have had the pleasure of experiencing. Occasionally I may add a non cycling related topic. Please feel free to post comments and/or questions on any of my posts should you wish. Happy reading!

5 Responses to “About”

  1. marco Says:

    Ciao Janos
    I am searching the way to register me on the next red bull road race but I am not able to find the right website. Can you help me please? I hope to see you next year on this race, your style is incredible.
    Thank you

  2. marco Says:

    Ciao Janos
    thank a lot for you reply.
    i will check again but I think that there are no news for the nex event.
    Probably is too early.

    Thank you

  3. Craig Kirby Says:

    Hey Janos, just wanted to pop in and say hi! Ive seen your records on Strava (we’re following each other now) – I’ll more than likely be in Europe in 2014 and would love to enter one of these Red Bull Events so we can race! Hope you summer is going well – Craig Kirby from Australia.

    • janoskohler Says:

      Hi Craig, nice to hear from you. That would be great to race with you if you could make it over. I’m always happy to hammer downhill with like-minded speed and adrenaline junkies. It remains to be seen what Red Bull have in store for 2014 Road Rage races, but keep an eye out for events on their websites and the facebook page Red Bull Road Rage News. In the meanwhile, keep the rubber to the tarmac. Janos

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